Picture Frame Makeover

Re-use old picture frames with a little spray paint, and a new image! Low cost, with a big impact!

Finding ways to creatively save money is one of my favorite reasons to DIY. When this picture frame was given to me I immediately knew that it just needed some elbow grease and it would shine again!


A little spray paint, and a couple awesome pictures (PC: wyattestrazzo.com) made this frame into a beautiful statement. One trick: I really wanted this frame to hang horizontally but we didn’t have many horizontal family pictures, so I took two vertical pictures and made them into a horizontal! Sometimes doing the unexpected makes the best statement in a home.

Picture Frame Makeover

When my hubby sprayed this frame, he only put one coat on so that we could see a bit of the wooden texture showing through the white. I LOVE it! Smart man !

Picture Frame Makeover

This picture is one of the first things you see when you walk in our home. I hesitated sharing a picture of our front room because it “isn’t finished”, but I want you to see that our home is far from perfect, and far from finished. I still am searching for the perfect coffee table, and I still need some comfy pillows and throw for the couch (ideally we would have a different couch, but this one works too). The shelving decor isn’t finished … the list goes on :)!


Another area I up-cycled some picture frames was in our Master Bedroom. I happened upon some white, square frames at Hobby Lobby that were on clearance for $6! One of them had a pink and gold heart image, and the other had a “Brush Your Teeth” image inside the frame. I snagged them and stuck our own pictures in them instead.

Picture Frame Makeover

When you are decorating your home, personalize it! Have pictures, knicknacks, and furniture that are unique to you; that tells visitors about who lives in your home.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on frames to make your space beautiful. Check out your own stash, clearance items, or thrift stores. Try to ignore whatever is on the inside and the color of the frames. Those can be changed!

Personalize your space with a couple picture frame makeovers!

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  1. Your home should be in a decorator magazine. I love your ideas. My favorite parts of this post, though, are the people in the pictures.

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