Turn a Fence Gate Into a Headboard

How to turn an old wooden gate into a queen sized headboard!

A few months ago we expanded our fence to include more of our yard. This meant that we pulled down part of our old wooden fence. oldwoodfence
We didn’t want all of that weathered wood to go to waste, so we repurposed some of it, and sold the rest.

To Make A Headboard:

You will need:
32 – 2.25″ dark grey screws (or to match your wood)
2 – 2X4’s (ours were cut to 59″)
6 or 8 – wide headed screws (see below)
A metal bed frame
A wooden gate

2016-02-29 23.24.42-1I knew this gate was just begging to be repurposed into something special. I first thought it would be a perfect kids table for the playroom, but then I realized it wouldn’t be the best surface to draw and create on since it was so bumpy and had cracks where the planks met each other. Then it hit me, it would make a GORGEOUS headboard! Our guest room had been somewhat neglected, but it was time to give the space a little face-lift.

I started by removing the handle and latch since they would be in the way of pillows and sleeping heads, but I had to leave those cute hinges. I then cleaned the wood a bit with an old damp towel. I basically brushed off any loose dirt and left it at that. I didn’t want to compromise that weathered look.

Next I cut 2 weathered 2X4s to the height I wanted my gate to hang. Ours is  59″ tall. If you don’t have any weathered 2X4s, try this trick by making your own stain.

How to turn an old wooden gate into a queen sized headboard!

I attached each 2X4 with 12 2.25″ screws from the backside. I also added 4 2.25″ screws on the front side for added stability. If you also choose to add screws to the front, make sure they match your wood, or that match the other screws that were already used in the gate. I chose dark grey screws for the front side.

Wooden Gate turned Headboard

Now attach your headboard to the metal bed frame using the wide-headed screws. The screw heads will need to be wider than the metal slot in your bed frame. As you can see  we didn’t have enough wide-headed screws (oops!), so we angled a few regular-sized screws so they would hold the frame and wood posts together.

How to Make a Headboard From a Gate. Turn an old wooden gate into a queen sized headboard!

There you have it! An awesome headboard for free! I will be sharing a full guest room post soon with all the details – I am just waiting to find a few goose-neck lamps for the wall :).

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