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Hello everybody! The Mr. is out playing in his softball league, and while I should be folding the enormous pile of laundry in my living room, I find myself here on the blog … procrastinating. Oops!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that Tom and I have decided to sell our home. I have had a lot of questions about why, and where we are going. I thought I could share some of the details with you tonight.

We are staying close, just relocating a bit closer to my husband’s work. It is only a 20 minute commute, but I really miss the days when he could come home for lunch. It would be so wonderful to be within biking distance to his office.

Another big reason is we really don’t like the debt. We are looking at a home that is considerably less than our current home so that we will be able to pay it off quickly.

And then we have a bunch of smaller (and probably silly) reasons like: I seriously dream of hardwood floors, I love old homes, we want our kitchen to represent our style more than our current kitchen (which was beautifully remodeled by the previous owners, just not our style), we have finished all the projects in this house and we are ready for more… I told you, kind of silly reasons to everyone else. But for these reasons and a few more personal reasons, we feel like the time is right for us to move.

We are selling our home by owner and are planning to have an open house in September. We decided to wait on the open house until all the last-minute summer vacations, surgeries, and school shopping, have slowed down for virtually every family with kids right now :). If you are local to Cache Valley, we have listed our home on KSL and Zillow. If you are interested send me a message and I can share the link.

Since I love to share any home decor tips with you all (or am I allowed to say y’all when I’m from Utah??) I thought I would share a few of the free printables that I picked to “depersonalize” our home while its on the market.

I had to walk around my home with a ruler, paper, and pen to make a list of what types, sizes, and orientation of prints I was looking for.

For our master bedroom and gallery wall via The Painted Hive:Plant 4Plant 1Plant 5For my 4 year old’s bedroom (source unknown):


For nursery gallery wall via MaisondePax


For entry room via LollyJaneFree-Spring-Printable-Lolly-Jane-8.5x11

For living room gallery wall via TheKiwiintheCloudsHappinessCanBeFound

Please make sure to check out these ladies’ blogs for the original download. Many of the links have other variations of free printables as well!

Thank you for stopping by my friends!

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