Office Desk Makeover

Gave this desk a little makeover by sanding down the wooden legs and painting the veneer top and drawers.

This office desk was a nice surprise! I have been looking for something for our family room computer space – computer space, Tom has his own command station since mine runs a little slow ;). I have a thing for things that needs a little extra love and care – i.e. my car who I’ve dubbed “The Old Man”, my pretty looking Mac that I do not want to part with (or spend a fortune on to replace!), furniture (as you may be catching on to by now), people, and in many ways – my own house has fit this bill at one point.

Wooden Veneer Top Desk

But back to this awesome office desk. My SIL had an elderly man bring this desk to her house one day, he had heard she ran a preschool and wondered if she could use it. She didn’t have the heart to tell the cute man no, so she gifted it to me knowing that I would be all over it!

2016-02-15 14.01.50 I actually started working on it before I had seen it completely assembled. I immediately fell in love with the veneer top. I sanded it down to the original color, but ended up not being able to keep the wood look because it had too much water damage from previous use. Still a lottle sad about that fact.

Veneer Office Desk Top
I didn’t take a picture of the top fully sanded, the water damage is on the right (unsanded) side in this picture.

But those legs! Daaaang they looked real nice. There is no way I could paint those solid wooden, curvy, gorgeous, most fabulous table legs! So I did what I usually do – made it up as I went along – and it only works out some of the time, believe me.

Wooden Veneer Top Desk Legs

I was already spray painting a filing cabinet, so I just went spray-paintin’-crazy and sprayed the desk top and drawers too. I had a few coats on the desk top when my sister came to visit and help me ‘project’. Sometimes all you need is to verbalize your thoughts for the answer to come. As we were discussing this table top I realized that the edges just needed a little distressing (the top was still a bit transparent so that the wood grain still shone through) and some polycrylic (a clear coat). I did 4 poly coats because I want it PROTECTED.

Wooden Veneer Top Desk

Wooden Veneer Top Desk

I didn’t like how the legs turned ‘satin-y’ when I applied the polycrylic, so I left them raw. I may eventually add some clear wax to them, but this desk is not in a high traffic area and I don’t expect them to get worn too horribly.

Rustoleum Copper Spray Paint

I sprayed the knobs copper and they look fabulous! That distressed white top, copper pulls, and raw wooden voluptuous legs have my heart going pitter-patter.

A little SPOILER: I know it has been a while since I’ve had the chance to post, and beside the fact that last week I had 1 child thowing up, another fevered and rashed, and a husband with the flu … the real reason it has been a while is because I am working on something very exciting (not even my hubby knows what is up my sleeve this time) and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am waiting for a few pieces to arrive before the big reveal – but it will be soon. I AM SO EXCITED!


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