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The Articles of Faith How to Build

Hi friends! Today I am sharing how to make your own The Family Proclamation to the World and Articles of Faith word art for $22! You can also apply this tutorial to frame any large item.

I am super excited to be dusting off the blog and getting back to sharing projects with you! We had a busy and hard year with renovating our new (to us, built in 1916) home, having a baby, and adjusting to life with 3 kids! I finally feel like I am back to my old self, enjoying my hobbies, and working on my favorite hobby – decorating our home.

We have many projects going on right now, but I wanted to quickly share this easy $22 The Family Proclamation and Articles of Faith DIY with you. To read a bit more about why these two articles are so important to our family, click here. If you are interested in more of our beliefs please check out


Head to Home Depot and have them cut your 4’X8’X.25″ sheet into 4 – 24″ X 36″ sheets. Home Depot will do this for free. You will only need 2, so split the cost with a friend and they can have the other two! You will also end up with 2 2ft square sheets if someone wants to make a frame out of those! This was the cheapest way I found, even with the excess!

*You could also ask Home Depot to cut your framing strips down for you, but keep in mind their cuts may not be as exact as you could do yourself at home and as a result the framing may not line up as well. Also, I do not believe they will do angled cuts so you will have to look at my *Option 2* below

Build your backing and framework:
Here is a little phone sketch of the two types of backing you could do to hold your frame together.

The first is what we did for our frames (I wish I had added a center brace since it is a little flimsy in the middle, so I added it to your diagram).

* The second sketch is an idea you could try if you don’t have access to a miter saw. Your frame will not be as sturdy, but if you do a good job attaching that top piece to the two sides (since the top will get the most weight because you will hang your nails under the lip of the top piece) it should do the trick. If you choose this option buy more than 30 feet of framing since it uses a bit more wood.

We attached all the framing using wood glue and staples in our nail gun. You could also use a hammer and nails. For all of your frame brace pieces, lay the wood down flat instead of up on it’s side. Your outer frame should be up on it’s side, the inside braces should be lower than the outer framing so that when you glue your backing in place, the backing sits inside of the outer framing. See picture below since I did a terrible job explaining that :)!

We didn’t bother hiding the staples. I liked the rustic vibe they gave, plus I’m lazy like that ;).

Next use the frame to mark on the wall where your nails or screws are going into the wall. It is much easier to mark now before you glue the backing in place ;).

Now glue your backing in place by putting wood glue on all of the brace pieces. Place the backing on top. While the glue is drying, stain all of the framing pieces. Don’t worry if the stain gets on the backing sheet a bit.

Next apply spray adhesive to The Family Proclamation or Articles of Faith print. Lay a tarp, old sheet, or some type of protection down on the ground and lay the print on top, wrong side up. I did this on our table with an old sheet. Just make sure the sheet (or other protection) covers the surroundings in case of overspray.

Shake the spray adhesive according to the directions on the can. Be sure to hold your adhesive at least 12 inches away from the paper. If it gets too close it will “wet” your paper and leave wet marks.

Have a friend help you lift and flip the print over to lay it down on the backing. Carefully smooth out any bubbles in the paper by slowly lifting the edges of the paper and using a clean hand to smooth the bubbles out.

Hang your artwork on the nails you already marked, and placed, and you are done!

Easy peasy and SO much less expensive than anything else I have found for this large of artwork!

This project took us about 2 hours total.

Hopefully that tutorial all made sense, I am not the best at giving directions, ask my husband! Ha! If you have any questions please comment below!

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Happy making!

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  1. I love these, they are so beautiful! Do you have or know where to get the Living Christ in the same text to match?

  2. Thank you So much, this is just what is was looking for. Will you be making a “Living Christ” on too? because I would LOVE that one too!!!

  3. Thank you so much… I have been wanting to make these exact things but didn’t have a print out!!! You’re the best. I do have one question… would you be able- or have you made The Living Christ? I’d love to have all 3 printed (and match) I you’re willing to create another file for that??

    Thank you!!

  4. Love these! I’m looking for this exact thing to hang in my home. Is there any way you can make a matching printable of The Living Christ document too??

  5. I love these! Do you happen to have one in this style of The Living Christ? I have been searching for one and I love this particular style.

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